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Happy Anniversary 11-11-11 Couples!

November 11, 2014

If you thought November was an unpopular time to get married, I would like to remind you of perhaps a few (thousand) of your friends who might be celebrating their anniversary today. That’s because an estimated 46,200 were predicted to have taken place exactly three years ago on this date, fueled by the supposed auspiciousness of the 11-11-11 date. Now I think I’m suffering from what Joyce Chen of the New York Daily News dubbed: “apophenia: People who hear about a phenomenon will instantly become more aware of instances of that phenomenon.” That definitely describes me. Cause now I’m thinking that 12-12-12 is also right around the corner, which will mark the last in 12 opportune dates that will only occur in the first decade of the millennium (i.e., 1-1-01, 2-2-02, etc. – well, minus 6-6-06, of course). So those of you who have a sneaking suspicion a proposal is around the corner, this may be your last chance at a setting a super lucky (or, for non-believers, completely arbitrary) wedding date of 12-12-12! Ok, don’t get too excited, or you’ll scare that man away.

Not that I have ever watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta (I try not to start conversations this way, for fear of listeners walking out of the room, followed by the sound of a car screeching away), but I happened to discover the existence of a diamond-clad Kim Zolciak while ferociously Googling 11-11-11 weddings. Apparently this woman is real (well, about as real as any “real housewife” can be considered) and her jewels are, too. This woman was so covered head to toe in jewels on her wedding day, it’s hard to know where to begin… Her whopping 10-carat engagement ring, which cost a reported $2 million, looked mighty heavy on her French manicured finger. This is not to be outdone by what could only be described as an insane $58,000 Baracci gown made of “duchess satin and embellished with Swarovski crystals, pearls and embroidered lace.” I won’t even begin to go into her second and third gowns, cause really, at $18,000 and $16,000 a piece, they were obviously throwaways (please detect ironic tone here). Let’s just keep our sights on the importance stuff: the bling, which included “an 11-carat emerald-cut wedding band for Kim and a band featuring 77 black diamonds and 26 white diamonds for Kroy.” Bada-bling bada boom.

And for all your internet gawking needs, CBS News published this sweet slideshow featuring 11-11-11 weddings around the world, including a mass wedding in Malaysia, a drive-in wedding in Helsinki (huh?), and an Indonesian wedding with some of the craziest, coolest, Lady-Gaga-esque wedding dresses I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

So for those of you celebrating your anniversary today: Happy Anniversary! I hope your first three years of marriage has been as auspicious as the date of your wedding. And for the rest of ya’ll who are maybe considering 12-12-12 for a future wedding date, get on it! But ever so subtly and nonchalantly, of course…