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Wacky Weddings: Halloween Style

May 5, 2015

Just a few days ago, for those of us who weren’t still hunkering down from Hurricane Sandy (it’s safe to come out from under the covers now!), we celebrated Halloween. And if folks in the intrepid city of New York managed to come out in full force for the holiday, then the rest of us had no excuse to miss out.

But did you ever wonder about the people who seem to enjoy Halloween just a little too much? You know, people who plan their costumes months in advance, only to outdo everyone at the Halloween party by showing up as a life-size binder full of women? (Ok, I love that idea, but was way too lazy to get it together in time). And what about the people who like Halloween so much they plan their entire wedding around that theme? “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” – but it can come across as, well, slightly creepy to some. On the other hand, Halloween weddings provide nearly infinite fodder for the viewing of Halloween wedding cake food porn, which I’ll admit, I spent quite a bit of time drooling over.

Though I haven’t a Goth bone in my body, so to speak, I do enjoy the creativity and color that often comes with a Halloween wedding. Of course if you’re going to go that route, you’ll have to strike a careful balance between creatively alternative and totally off-the-wall. As Nadia Digilov, author of Getting Married in New York, said to, “A wedding is a celebration of a marriage between a couple and therefore should not be confused with a tacky Halloween party.”

I was smitten by the rich and vibrant colors this couple, featured on, chose to style their Halloween themed wedding. The bride went with a sleek and stunning black and gold dress custom made by Luly Yang, a vintage-inspired black and gold choker, and a feathery black bird cage veil. I can only imagine the bride’s engagement ring was an equally exquisite and bold design combining a vintage style with some contemporary flair… perhaps a rose gold ring with a halo setting, a black diamond center stone, surrounded by mini black pave diamonds. A girl can fantasize… The deep purple, lavender, and fuchsia colored flowers popped against the black bridesmaid dresses. And while the ceremony styling was a bit over-the-top with candelabras and a mossy-branched canopy, with a red velvet curtain in the background (a bit too Rocky Horror Picture Show for my taste), I loved the modern, geometric design on the black and white cake (though I’m not all too hard to please when it comes to wedding cakes…) Overall, I think this couple pulled off what I imagine was a tasteful, fun, and quirky Halloween wedding – congrats!

I also adored the Halloween style of this wedding which took place in downtown LA. The bride wore a sweet white ankle-length dress with a sleek black and white bow tied in the back and a bright pop of sparkle in her silver shoes. The groom looked adorable in a gray suit, white shirt, and black and white bow tie to match her dress. I loved the fuchsia, pink, and purple flowers (ok, I had a bit of fuchsia at my own wedding, so I’m partial to that), which added bright contrast to the black and white attire, along with the funky multi-colored array of bridesmaid dresses.

So I guess the moral of the story is: Halloween can be a fun wedding theme, if done right. Be creative with colors, not too much orange or red, and you can always win with fuchsia!