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Who Invited Sandy to the Wedding?

February 10, 2013

Hurricane Sandy, which brutally hit the northeast coastline Monday October 29, 2012, affecting millions, also turned out to be the quintessential wedding crasher. Stories of weddings postponed or family being unable to travel to attend a wedding reveal the widespread effects of this destructive storm on nuptials all around the country, let alone the devastation it has caused to homes and businesses, not to mention the lives that have been lost. There are also glimmers of hope and testaments to the power of love to battle the forces of nature even under the worst of circumstances.

One Wichita couple got stranded in New York after the man (with the unfortunately ominous name Jordan Doom) proposed to his girlfriend during a romantic trip. Though unable to return home to Wichita just yet, the couple took a more positive view of the storm, calling it an “adventure,” considering they had already been through a tornado back home in Kansas. I guess being able to weather a storm as big as this one is a good omen for the couple’s ability to continue to weather the everyday storms that can come with married life.

Another testament to the power of love is a gay couple that traveled 3,000 miles from California to New York to be legally married, even though they knew the storm was approaching, only to have their marriage postponed by the storm. They are waiting for the courthouse to open, and I wish them luck in their valiant efforts to get married at all costs.

The hurricane has affected weddings even beyond the northeast. On October 30th, a frantic bride posted a topic thread entitled: “Will Hurricane Sandy ruin my wedding??” at the Wedding Bee message board, saying, “I’m worried. My wedding is in the South this Saturday, but a VERY large portion of my guests are flying in from New York.” While one commenter pointed out the relative insensitivity of focusing on something as trivial as a wedding while some have lost homes and jobs because of the storm, others came through with an outpouring of advice and encouragement, which was heartening. I appreciated a comment that testified to the length folks will go to attend a wedding even in the face of major airport closures. A commenter shared: “Our wedding is on Friday in South Carolina and both of our families had flights canceled for tomorrow. They decided to drive instead. You just have to say it’s out of your hands.” Now that’s love.

As I was searching for Hurricane Sandy wedding stories I came across this amazing wedding video taken by Moetic Wedding Films of a Jersey Shore wedding that took place just a day before the hurricane hit. With dark clouds in the background, increasing winds, and rippling water, the couple’s love and that of their family and friends stands out as bright and hopeful. Though I didn’t catch any shots of the ring in this video (priorities, people!) the bride looked gorgeous in a fitted sweetheart neck white dress with a sparkling jeweled belt around her waist. But what shined even brighter were the smiles and laughter of the couple as they prepared for the big day. I loved the shot of the first moment the groom sees the bride outdoors with the dark sky looming above them. This video nearly brought me to tears, because it reminded me that the strength of love can be as powerful as nature: “Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away” (Song of Solomon 8:7).

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